Simple Semantic Versioning for small teams

In the world of software management there exists a dread place called 'dependency hell'. The bigger your system grows and the more packages you integrate into your software, the more likely you are to find yourself, one day, in this pit of despair

Creating an Electron chat using

Electron is a great package, and to get started with it I created my first project based on the official Example Chat. The goal was to create a simple, yet powerful and globally distributed chat application with basic features, such as connection and typing states for the users.

How we got started with ES6 at Devnup

We work with a lot of Node.JS APIs in Devnup and this year we started using some harmony features from the new Node.JS v5.6+ in a Social Dating project, mainly in the Backend services. When I presented to the team our goals in this approach, I focused in the Object-Oriented goodies from the new EcmaScript 2015 (ES6), specially the Modules and Classes.